Safe Four-Wheel-Drive & All-Wheel-Drive Operation

Do your drivers drive Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV's) or other four wheel drive vehicles? Have they been trained in the safe and correct four wheel drive method?   Not all driving is dry paved roads under good weather conditions. Frequently we are required to drive in adverse conditions or on slippery roads.

Our Basic Four Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive Operation & Safety program is a 1 day course that addresses the unique operational characteristics of a four wheel or all wheel drive vehicle. This program is a blend of classroom theory and practical session conducted onsite and includes operational challenges based on that site.

Don’t need a full day? Choose just the ½ day classroom for basic familiarization and theory, or choose just the ½ day practical for an in-vehicle practical application.

What your employees will learn:

  • Equipment familiarization
    • How to engage and disengage 2-wheel, All-wheel, 4-wheel high and 4-wheel low range
    • Locking transfer cases and axles
    • Vehicle stability and roll-over risk management
    • Hill and rock climbing
    • Water crossing
    • Driving over logs
    • Driving on rough or un-maintained roads
    • Hazard avoidance techniques
    • Special considerations of rough or un-maintained roads
    • Driving on slippery roads
    • Driving on hills, curves, ditches
    • Vehicle stability and roll-over risk management
    • Safe winch use (optional)

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