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"We have experienced a reduction since you began our driver training program, of roughly 60% of motor vehicle incidents and nearly 80% in at-fault incidents. They (our employees) really love the training...With the methodology that your team uses, our guys constantly commented they had takeaways that they were implementing in their driving habits. I would recommend Thinking Driver to anybody that asks about driver training." - Leader of Health and Safety, BC Safety Authority

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Would it kill you to train your drivers?

It could kill them if you don't

Vehicle Incidents are the most probable way that your employee will get hurt on the job. Protect your investment today with driver training.

Tailgate Topics & Tips


Gain access to meeting planner tips and videos to make your next driver safety meeting an educational and informative session.

8 Critical Elements


Learn the most important steps you need to be the safest you can be on the road.

Safety Program Self-Assessment


Take our quiz on whether your company is safe on the road.

Safety Professional Resource Centre


Join the Thinking Driver community, help us create better drivers, and learn the knowledge and skills, including years of developmental training.


The Thinking Driver Program was created by Spencer McDonald, driver psychology and counseling specialist to improve driver attitudes and reduce aggressive driving and fleet incident rates.

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