Defensive Driving Fundamentals and Attitudes

One Day Classroom Training

Reduce Risky Driving in your fleet by shifting attitudinal gears!

Manage frustration, minimize stress and control anger that can lead to road rage, increased vehicle incidents and repair costs, and lost employee hours.

This internationally recognized program addresses driver attitude in an effective and respectful way by utilizing advanced psychological and counseling techniques to change the way drivers see the actions of others and develop more effective responses. This course is fully interactive with drivers discussing driving challenges and solutions based on personal motivations. Anger management tools are a key component of the course content as drivers learn to take responsibility for their emotional reactions while driving, choose positive actions to avoid confrontation and stay safe and out of harm’s way .

This course lays out the foundation of Thinking Driver’s Five Fundamentals of defensive driving principles and practices: our core techniques and tips that help minimize risk and prevent incidents in spite of conditions and other drivers, while delving into the internal processes that can influence a driver’s choice to take unnecessary risks.

The Five Fundamentals address these foundational skills:

  1. Think and Look Ahead: Good vision is a learned skill. Where are you looking? What do you see? How can you use your vision to anticipate potential hazards up ahead?
  2. Anticipate Hazards: Are you using your vision to anticipate the actions of other road users? Navigate potential obstructions ahead? What are the road signs telling you? What are the potential hazards inherent to road manoeuvres such as lane changes, entrance and exit ramps, and environmental conditions?
  3. Keep Your Options Open: How are you using the space around your vehicle to provide yourself with an out?
  4. Manage the Risk: A preventable incident is one where you failed to do everything reasonable to prevent it. What reasonable steps can you take to minimize risk when you get behind the wheel? What are the personal factors at work that may affect your level of risk tolerance each time you drive?
  5. Control with Finesse: Good vehicle safety starts with smooth balanced control. Balanced manoeuvring maintains traction and stability and keeps your vehicle on the road. Learn the techniques that will make you a smooth, controlled operator.

Course Objectives:

Your drivers will learn:

  • What attitude is and how it affects their driving
  • How to shift attitudinal gears from risky driving attitudes to positive ones.
  • How risk tolerance changes with emotional states and how to reduce risk.
  • To deal with aggression from other drivers without retaliation.
  • How to avoid being drawn into competition and confrontational situations while driving
  • How to use the Five Fundamentals:
    • Think and Look ahead
    • Anticipate Hazards
    • Keep your options Open
    • Manage the Risk
    • Control with Finesse

Major benefits of training drivers with Thinking Driver are

  • Reduction in risky driving actions which could cause incidents;
  • Avoidance of personal confrontations and Road Rage incidents;
  • Reduced vehicle abuse, fuel and repair costs;
  • A more tolerant outlook towards other drivers.

The Thinking Driver Defensive Driving Fundamentals & Attitudes Course™ is your first and best choice for developing positive driving attitudes in your vehicle operators!

Maximum class loading of fifteen (15) participants per 6 hour course. Certificates of successful completion are provided.

*Also available in an eLearning format.

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The Thinking Driver Program was created by Spencer McDonald, driver psychology and counseling specialist to improve driver attitudes and reduce aggressive driving and fleet incident rates.

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