Utility Trailer Towing

Have you trained your workers to tow utility trailers safely? Do they know how to competently back them up?

This training is for anyone who is required to tow a trailer for work purposes including:

  • Landscaping and grounds keeping crews
  • Engineering and roads personnel
  • Construction crews

Our Utility Trailer Towing and Backing course is a full-day, competency based, practical program conducted in small groups in a closed area. Course participants begin by learning and qualifying on basic backing skills without trailers until a level of competency is reached. Trailers are then introduced and skill development continues. Instructors will train in the vehicles that are normally driven for work to ensure relevant and effective skills transfer.

What your employees will learn:

Safe Backing prerequisite:

The practical component is a competency based course focusing on the reduction of backing incidents by developing strategies to reduce backing, and building requisite skills to back confidently and safely when required.

Safe backing in a variety of situations

  • Backing to sight side and blind side in a non-articulated vehicle*
  • Backing using a guide
  • Backing using mirrors
    • Positioning vehicle for sight side and blind side backing
    • Using mirrors to identify reference points
    • Identifying pivot points
    • Judging distance to rear of vehicle
  • Backing through turns and close quarters
    • Right angles
    • Offset lanes
    • Alley docks
    • Complex backing manoeuvres where a series of reference points and turns may be required
  • Close quarters manoeuvring in forward direction
    • Identifying overhead clearances
    • Understanding rear wheel off-track

Trailer Towing:

Using vehicles normally operated at their work locations, participants will be able to demonstrate off and/or on-road competency in the safe vehicle operation of trailer towing including:

  • Hitching and unhitching
  • Parking and securing the unit
  • Slower speed manoeuvres:
    • Understanding and managing off-track of the towed unit
  • Reversing with mirrors:
    • Straight line and offset backing
    • Sight side backing into parking spot/loading bay
    • Blind side backing and backing with a guide
  • Higher speed and highway manoeuvres:
    • Rural roads
    • Surface/city streets, highways
    • Freeway entrance and exiting
    • Climbing and descending hills
  • Emergency situations manoeuvres:
    • Emergency stops with trailer
    • Emergency lane change and avoidance with trailer

Maximum class loading of three (3) participants per full-day course. Certificates of successful completion are provided.

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