Transitioning to a Career as a Driving Instructor in BC

In the world of driving instruction, where some folks have been doing it for decades, my four years might seem like a short time. But these years have been full of learning, facing challenges, and the joy of helping others on their journey. This is a personal story of how I become a driving instructor in BC.

At first, I didn’t understand why some stayed in this job for so long, but now, as I look back on my own experience, I understand why being a driving instructor in beautiful British Columbia is special. It’s a career that lets you meet new people, work outdoors, and feel proud about teaching important life skills.

The best moments come in small victories – like when a student passes their road test or when someone thanks you years later for the lessons. These moments are why I chose to be a driving instructor.

Finding the right Driving Instructor Training Course in BC

But getting my instructor license wasn’t easy. When I decided to do it, I looked for a good school that offered the ICBC Approved Instructor Training Course (ITC). Little did I know that the journey ahead would be a bit tough.

It was frustrating. because the first three schools were too busy and the fourth school wanted me to commit for a fixed period, which wasn’t right for me. My goal was to start my own driving school. I needed a school that welcomed people wanting to start their own school or work for a school other than the instructor training school. Thinking Driver Academy Instructor Training Course where I work now offers a program that encourages and helps entrepreneurs start their own driving schools but that wasn’t available back when I was trained.

Steps to becoming a Driving Instructor in BC

Finally, the fifth school I called was the one. They helped me understand the requirements – things like being at least 19, having a valid driver’s license, having three years of driving experience, having a clean driving record, and making sure I didn’t owe any money to ICBC. Easy stuff.

I requested my instructor application package from ICBC and completed three forms that took me about a week to finish. I got a physical checkup from a doctor and went to the local RCMP station to make sure I had a clear record – important since the job involves working with the youth.

After I sent all the paperwork back to ICBC and received my approval, I was ready to sign up for the ICBC Approved Instructor Training Course. This was the last step in my journey from just an average driver to a certified driving instructor in British Columbia. I passed the ITC (instructor training course) and did start my own school in the BC interior but eventually accepted a Chief Instructor position at Thinking Driver.

Lets talk about becoming a Driving Instructor

Today, I teach a wide variety of people across all ages, cultures, and occupations, and I am a Chief instructor teaching new driving instructors in B.C. I consider my decision to take the ICBC Approved Instructor course and become a driving instructor the best decision that I have ever made. Perhaps you are interested in working as a driving instructor or starting your own driving school? I’m happy to chat with you if you would like to know more about my experience and how to begin.

The journey was tough at times, but it was worth it. I continue learning something new almost every day and I’m excited to keep going down this road.

Professional Driving Lesson in BC with learner student
Driving Instructor in BC

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