Why Driver Safety Training?

There Are Many Reasons to Implement a Thinking Driver Training Program for Your Employees

  • Vehicle incidents are expensive and training is cheap in comparison.
  • Vehicle incidents are the leading cause of lost time accidents in the workplace outpacing any other single factor. Driving is likely THE MOST DANGEROUS activity that your employees engage in and they deserve every opportunity to learn proven defensive driving fundamentals and attitudes that will keep them safe and out of harm’s way.
  • Most people never attend driving school when they first learn to drive. Government road testing is designed to require the achievement of only a basic MINIMUM standard and testing can be done in the smallest of vehicles, yet the resulting license permits operation of much larger ones. The fact that your employee has a driver’s license only proves that they were able to meet a minimum standard on one day sometime in the past in a vehicle type that may not even resemble your corporate vehicles and they may have not driven at all in the environments that you operate!
  • Training ensures that employees are trained, evaluated and rated as COMPETENT to operate the assigned vehicle at the outset of their employment. Many workplaces utilize vehicles that new employees have never driven and could be much larger than what they are familiar with. Enlightened organizations recognize this and provide driver training as an integral part of the orientation and on-boarding process. The evaluation document is a key element in the demonstration of due diligence by ensuring adequate training. Over time attitudes, knowledge and skill can erode and may need refreshing. Delivering training can reinforce these key elements of safe driving to your employees.
  • Specialty training is also important. Courses such as Hazard Avoidance, Safe Backing, Winter Driving, Four Wheel Drive, Trailer Towing and Gravel Road Operation fill in the gaps in skills and knowledge left from when your employee learned to drive in the first place and fully prepares them to drive incident free while performing their duties.
  • Regular training, refreshers and evaluation ensures that a current evaluation is on file for each employee and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to employees’ wellness.

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