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With Thinking Driver’s professional school bus driver training, your drivers and trainers will be educated on school transportation safety to avoid school bus accidents and school bus crashes. Make school bus safety for drivers a priority in your organization by hiring school transport safety instructors from our renowned team, or educating and certifying your own instructors to lead training sessions and safety meetings.

School Bus Safety to Minimize Accidents, Fuel Consumption & Maintenance Costs

As the premiere provider of driver safety training services, Thinking Driver helps you save you money and time at your workplace. We offer in-person and online eLearning classes, a multitude of driver safety products in our online store, consultations, and workplace-specific corporate programs. By maintaining an interactive learning environment to keep individuals engaged while instilling driver safety training knowledge, we’ve remained Vancouver’s number one choice for driver safety training.

Prioritize School Bus Transportation Safety

Featuring the New Canadian Standard in School Bus Driver Training

School Bus Driver Training Products & Services

Comprehensive National Curriculum

100% Canadian Content

MCPCC Accredited

Content of School Bus Driver Training Manual:

  • Driver responsibilities
  • Attitudes and Fundamentals
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • School Bus Student Loading and Unloading
  • Student Relations and Management
  • School Bus Emergency Procedures
  • Students with Disabilities
  • and much more!

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