Fortis BC

An excellent use of eLearning technology.

Alberta Utility Company employee

This course is better than most. Good instructor, good presentation.

Gail Prokopchuk, Transportation Manager, Central Okanagan Public Schools

Since implementing Thinking Driver Training, we have experienced a 32% reduction in our vehicle incident rate in our combined yellow and white fleet. It was pretty amazing to watch the transformation in the drivers and their attitudes…

Alberta School District

Instructor was knowledgeable and I was comfortable driving with him.

Diversified Industries, Alberta

Material well laid out. Course well explained and easy to pick up on.

MVT Canadian Bus

We are proud users of your products. We especially like “it’s all about attitude” and regularly use this for our new hire training and refresher training.

BC Hydro

Excellent course. Keep up the good work!

BC School District

The instructors enthusiasm and passion for instructing really shows through.

Yukon Electric

The instructor was able to show me areas where I may be able to improve with exactly the locations for reference. A very good course to evaluate a persons driving skills.

Public Service Commission, Yukon Government

Thinking Driver is once again selected as the premier driver training provider for Yukon Government. Thinking Driver knows its business and how to teach it well.

Leader of Health and Safety, BC Safety Authority

We have experienced a reduction since you began our driver training program, of roughly 60% of motor vehicle incidents and nearly 80% in at-fault incidents. They (our employees) really love the training…With the methodology that your team uses, our guys constantly commented they had takeaways that they were implementing in their driving habits. I would recommend Thinking Driver to anybody that asks about driver training.

Oceanview Driving School Ltd

I find your DVDs of high quality, such that I have not been able to find in the 10 years that I have been in business.

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