Thinking Driver Basics



Thinking Driver Basics

Thinking Driver Basics is an eLearning program works to help employees become better drivers by providing proven and time tested defensive driving and techniques along with the critical attitudinal risk reduction and safe backing strategies pioneered by Spencer McDonald, Thinking Driver President. This eLearning solution is easily distributed to all your employees and includes a downloadable manual, a final test requiring an 80% result to pass and a downloadable certificate of qualification.

Program Highlights:

  • Defensive Driving Fundamentals
    • Think and look ahead
    • Anticipate hazards
    • Keep your options open
    • Manage the risk
    • Control with finesse
  • Defensive Driving Attitudes
    • Personal factors and risk tolerance
    • Managing anger stress and strong emotion
    • Changing attitudes about other drivers
    • Developing an attitude of courtesy
  • Preventing Backing Incidents
    • 7 fundamentals to eliminate backing incidents
      • Avoid Backing
      • Circle Check
      • Look Back
      • Back Slowly
      • Use a Guide
      • Avoid distraction
      • Practise
  • This program can be delivered either as a fully eLearning program or as blended learning with Safe backing theory delivered via eLearning and face to face classroom session.
  • 4 hours of eLearning.
  • This program does not include in vehicle training or evaluation.

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