In 1999 the licensing authority in British Columbia Canada, retained Spencer McDonald and Associates Inc. the parent company of Thinking Driver to assist in the implementation of Graduated Licensing in this jurisdiction.

Thinking Driver was tasked to:

  • Develop and deliver a driving instructor training course to qualify driving school instructors to deliver the approved Graduated Licensing new driver curriculum;
  • Develop a new driver road testing criteria which would be objective and fair when administered in testing situations in a variety of larger cities and smaller towns;
  • Consult on policy issues;
  • Provide project management services;
  • Develop and deliver a driving examiner training including:
    • Upgrading current examiners to administer the new tests
    • Full training of new hires including job orientation, policy and procedure and training to administer tests.
    • Examiner Training

A 6-step process was employed for each of the training elements:

  1. Needs analysis
  2. Selection of the development team
  3. Curriculum development
  4. Selection of a training team
  5. Train the Trainer
  6. Training Delivery

Following delivery of each of the training components, the courses were transitioned to internal training resources for ongoing delivery.

All deliverables in this 3-year project were completed on time and within budget.

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