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Effective training is one of the 8 core elements necessary in a fleet/driver safety program that minimizes incidents, fosters a high level of personal driving responsibility, minimizes fuel consumption and maintenance costs and helps build a strong safety culture.

All training is not created equal.

Thinking Driver Training is designed with your employee in mind and is focused on behavioural change towards higher skill levels and reduced risk taking behaviours.

We work hard to ensure that every training experience with us is exceptional!

Thinking Driver offers Classroom Sessions, Practical Training or Online eLearning.

Classroom Driver Training


Detailed with set plans to foster highly interactive learning environments that shift attitudes and risk tolerance. Course materials are detailed professional reference take away workbooks that support classroom learning like no other.

eLearning Courses - Online Driver Training


Much more than the typical read along and listen offerings. Thinking Driver eLearning is media rich and has been developed by adult educational experts to be massively interactive and engage participants in a cooperative learning experience. Gone are the days of boring e-training courses. Thinking Driver eLearning is dynamic and effective and was developed in partnership with Fortis, one of Canada’s leading energy companies.

Practical training - In Vehicle Training


Thinking Driver offers in vehicle practical training that is conducted in the vehicle that your employee drives. Nothing replaces the effectiveness of hands on training, coaching and assessment.

Choose one of our recommended and proven programs or select individual courses and create your own custom program.

All programs and courses can be modified for special requirements, vehicles, operations or operational environments.

Recomended Driver Training Programs


Our most comprehensive certificate driver program designed to address all critical elements of risk reduction and incident prevention. This program works to help employees become better drivers by providing proven and time tested defensive driving and hazard avoidance techniques including how to avoid backing incidents along with the critical attitudinal risk reduction strategies pioneered by Spencer McDonald, Thinking Driver President. The program is a blend of theory and practical and includes in-vehicle evaluation with specialized vehicle backing and parking training with documented reporting for your employee records. This program also includes ongoing attitude/culture reminders in Tailgate Topics and Tips including monthly video following training.


This is our most popular program and the perfect answer to address both theory and practical core training with driving evaluation. Similar to our Premiere program, Essentials works to help employees become better drivers by providing proven and time tested defensive driving and hazard avoidance techniques along with the critical attitudinal risk reduction strategies pioneered by Spencer McDonald, Thinking Driver President. The program is a blend of theory and practical and includes in-vehicle evaluation with documented reporting back to you for your employee records.


Thinking Driver Basics is an eLearning program works to help employees become better drivers by providing proven and time tested defensive driving and techniques along with the critical attitudinal risk reduction and safe backing strategies pioneered by Spencer McDonald, Thinking Driver President. This eLearning solution is easily distributed to all your employees and includes a downloadable manual, a final test requiring an 80% result to pass and a downloadable certificate of qualification. When in person training is impractical or out of your budget, Thinking Driver Basics is best cost effective option to reach your employees with critical risk reduction attitudinal and advanced defensive driving education.  



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Vehicle Incidents are the most probable way that your employee will get hurt on the job. Protect your investment today with driver training.



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  • The Thinking Driver Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 55 May 2018
    The Thinking Driver Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 55  May 2018

    Header May2018

    These Essential Spring Cleaning Tips Will Have Your Car Summer Ready!

    May2018 1

    If you're reading this site, there's a pretty good chance you care about your car.  Thanks to Canada's horrid unique climate mix that freezes our cars in the winter and bakes them in the summer, our vehicles tend to suffer a host of hazards that'd terrify even the most professional detailer.

    Over the winter, your car's exterior was assaulted by, well, salt while the interior was bombarded with slush and ice.  That's not to mention the wear and tear caused by Dad's habit of spilling his double-double all over the dashboard on the way home from junior's hockey practice.

    With the calendar now in [May], it's a great time to evacuate all of winter's debris.  The best way to combat permanent damage is through regular cleaning and detailing, of course.  If schedules were jam-packed during the snowy months and one didn't have a chance to hoover out winter's flotsam and jetsam, don't worry.  We've got you covered with a checklist that'll get your ride shining in no time.

    Wash the Car (properly)

    May2018 2

    Take care of the essentials first by giving your car a good wash to rid it of the winter grime.  Head to your favourite automotive department and pick up a couple of wash mitts, soft material towels, proper car wash soap (dish liquid will harm a car's paint), and a few drying cloths.

    When washing, make certain to use the two-bucket methods.  What's that, you ask?  Well, one bucket contains the soap and water mixture while the other is used solely for rinsing the wash mitt.  This way, there is little chance of picking up stray dirt on the wash mitt as might happen if the same bucket is used to both apply the soapy water and rinse the mitt after washing a body panel.

    For an extra dose of paint protection, invest in a plastic guard which fits into the bucket, allowing the dirt thrust into the bucket during a rinse to sink to the bottom and stay there, out of reach.  A good quality microfibre wash mitt is key to avoid damaging the paint on a car.

    Invest In Quality Automotive Specific Products

    May2018 3

    Cleaning tools such as wash mitts, sponges, and towels should be made of soft materials that will not scratch the paint or other surfaces.  When using them, be absolutely certain all these products are free of dirt and grit.  Did you drop that new sponge on the driveway while practicing the two-bucket method?  Wash it thoroughly before using it again.

    The products being used for cleaning a vehicle should be specifically designed for automobiles.  Household cleaners like dish soap do a great job of cutting grease in the kitchen but often contain ingredients that can damage the delicate paint finish on vehicles.  Instead of hitting up the supermarket for car cleaning supplies, head to an automotive retailer who will have the proper soaps, washes, and waxes on the shelf.  Your initial investment might be a bit higher but it will pay off in the long run.

    Don't Forget the Interior

    May2018 4Can you see your reflection in the car's paint yet?  Good, because now it's time to turn your attention to the car's interior.  Vacuuming and glass cleaning might sound like blindingly obvious tasks but they will keep winter's damage at bay, even if your car hasn't seen a vacuum since Halloween.  Be sure to use a good quality wet/dry vacuum to hoover all the dirt and debris out of the carpets and seating surfaces.

    Picking up a can of cleaner especially formulated for your car's cloth or leather seats will go a long way to rejuvenating a winter-worn interior.  Pro tip: be sure to test any interior cleaners in an inconspicuous area before applying it liberally to make sure the product doesn't strip the fabric of its colour.

    Use a soft cloth and appropriate cleaner (water works well in a pinch) to wipe grime from the dashboard.  Don't throw out those old toothbrushes - they're perfect for digging crumbs out of the cup holders and cubbies.  Protect your ride going forward with a good set of rubber mats that will trap dirt and snowy slush before it even has a chance to reach the carpet.

    Doing a thorough job of cleaning one's vehicle is time consuming but the rewards are great.  Whether a person is a gearhead or not, spring cleaning a car will exorcise winter's grit and maybe even boost its resale value a bit at trade-in time.  For us misty-eyed gearheads, it's the equivalent of treating a loved one to a day at the spa.

    20150211 C4728 PHOTO EN 11995Written By: Matthew Guy,

    Posted on April 23, 2018



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The Thinking Driver Program was created by Spencer McDonald, driver psychology and counseling specialist to improve driver attitudes and reduce aggressive driving and fleet incident rates.

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