America’s Workplace Defensive Driving Course

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Effective Cost Efficient On-Line Defensive Driving Fundamentals and Attitudes Course for Employees Driving for Work

Driver training experts at Thinking Driver Fleet Safety are committed to reducing vehicle incidents and accidents in your fleet operation. Our unique on-line training courses are structured to specifically address safety-related issues challenging your drivers during their often demanding daily work schedules. As highly responsible safe driving online training providers, we are the only fleet safety training company to actually guarantee a reduction in your commercial drivers’ accident rates. Whether your business driving fleet is large or small, our three-step training program for organizations will be a definite cost-savings and safety-assurance solution for updating and improving your ongoing driving fleet performance.

Our made in America expert driver online training courses make delivering world class driver safety education to your employees easy, engaging and effective.

By encouraging and developing safety-based driving attitudes and skills our driver training courses produce safer, more careful professional drivers. Our contemporary courses provide effective, engaging and highly relevant training with advanced strategies for reducing driving risks and preventing dangerous road activity and accidents. Our thorough, effective training program has won government recognition and approval in jurisdictions across North America.

Join the Many Firms Enjoying the Benefits of Top-Rated Online Driver Safety Training in These Industries and More:

  • Gas
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Hydro
  • Maintenance
  • Installers
  • Delivery
  • Telephone
  • Electrical
Thinking Driver safe driving online course training program will greatly improve the driving knowledge and skill of your company's commercial fleet drivers.

Ensure that your employees receive the ultimate driver safety instruction currently available.

Our approach to professional safe driving online training is unique and has proven successful. We concentrate on reducing and eliminating risky driving behavior among your drivers by equipping them with driving attitudes focused on safety. Our training materials are innovative and capture the interest of our trainees with their relevance, effectiveness and usefulness

Safe driving habits among your commercial fleet will result from online driver safety training from the pros at Thinking Driver.

Why Emphasizing Commercial Driver Safety Is Extremely Important Today

With the amount of heavy traffic that today’s drivers encounter today on major highways and freeways as well as in congested urban areas, promoting safe, efficient commercial driving is essential today.

Contact the Experts at Thinking Driver Today for Information Concerning Our Top-Rated Driver Safety Online Training Program to Ensure That Your Company’s Commercial Fleet Drivers Are Well-Equipped and Highly Qualified to Drive Responsibly.

Not sure if this is the right program for your staff? Test drive our e-Learning course first at no charge or obligation. We are confident that once you see it, you will be convinced!

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